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LTSS Limited are UK Authorised Agents and Distributors for Cree Lighting, providing full sales and technical support in the UK. We work with our customers to provide them with LED lighting solutions; maximising energy savings whilst minimising the cost of LED adoption.

We focus on enabling our clients to upgrade to LED lighting so they can quickly and easily benefit from the major energy and maintenance savings whilst improving the lit environment.

Streets and Highways


Whether a street or a whole city, Cree Lighting has the scale and experience to meet your needs.


Warehouse & Industrial

LTSS Warehouse

LEDs in these applications will deliver huge savings and especially when linked with the right controls and sensors.


External Car Parking


Cree have a wide range of external and multi storey car parking luminaires to reduce your energy costs.


Office & Commercial


The Cree interior range of troffers and downlights gives exceptional light output with significant energy savings.


Latest news

Cree CXB thumb

Cree CXB Series

Now available

Cree launch the Low Bay / High Bay luminaire with the highest lumen per pound avaialble today.
Available in 18,000 or 24,000 lumen outputs, complete with Cree's 10 Year warranty.

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NEW Release Cree XSPWM Street light




Now available

Designed from the ground up as a totally optimized LED street lighting system, XSPM maintains the familiar look of the traditional cobrahead design and delivers substantial energy savings while reducing maintenance time and costs

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