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LTSS limited are Authorised Agents for Cree LED lighting, providing full sales and technical support in the UK. We work with our customers to provide them with LED lighting solutions; maximising energy savings whilst minimising the cost of LED adoption.

We focus on enabling our clients to upgrade to LED lighting so they can quickly and easily benefit from the major energy and maintenance savings whilst improving the lit environment.

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LTSS offer UK based support to our customers throughout this process by providing:

Lighting design service including site survey
Return on investment calculations and cost analysis
Market leading 10 Year warranty
Market leading innovation with Cree's LED technology

Proven Performance, Revolutionary Technology

Cree have revolutionised the lighting industry by making high-quality, sustainable LED lighting affordable and easily available.
Cree have more than a million of their flagship LED downlights installed around the world.
Cree also have the highest installed outdoor luminaire run time of any manufacturer--more than one billion hours and counting.
Solutions from Cree are tried and tested giving customer's added assurance that Cree LED Lighting will deliver for them.
We have a solution for any project—whatever the application, whatever the budget.

Why should you choose Cree?

Cree have an intimate understanding of all aspects of the LED industry, from wafer manufacture to diode assembly, thermal management issues & optical design.
Cree Lighting products are designed around their own LEDs in order to maximise efficiency whilst minimising product cost.
Cree Lighting's focus is on driving forward adoption of LED lighting and leading the LED lighting revolution.
Cree products are supported by one the world's largest LED manufacturers, allowing us to offer products where LED and luminaire design and manufacture are undertaken by one company.

The technology advantages of Cree Lighting luminaires are...

Cree TrueWhite® Technology

Powered by Cree TrueWhite Technology, only Cree indoor LED fixtures can deliver our exclusive combination of industry-leading efficacy, 90+ CRI, and consistent warm or cool colour temperatures.
The Cree advantage begins with mixing the light from red and Cree unsaturated yellow LEDs - among the highest-performing LEDs on the market. Every Cree fixture is then colour tuned as a complete system for the utmost consistency in performance.
The result is beautiful white light with superior colour accuracy and consistency, using significantly less energy than traditional lighting - a true no-compromise solution.

Nano Optics

With patented NanoOptic® technology available in more than 20 distributions, Cree outdoor LED fixtures provide great flexibility in lighting designs.
The NanoOptic refractor system offers superior light control when compared to other solutions; with more lumens delivered to the target area with improved uniformity ratios and controllable high-angle brightness.
Cree Lightings products deliver the right amount of light to the right area at the right time!

DeltaGuard Finish

DeltaGuard® Finish is exclusive to Cree outdoor fixtures and poles, and carries an industry-leading ten-year warranty.
Each outdoor fixture follows an immersion process that includes six cleaning stages, eight pre-treatment states, and an epoxy e-coat before the topcoat is applied.
The baked-on ultra-durable powder topcoat is the last step to a truly outstanding finish that provides ultraviolet-light resistance, corrosion resistance, fade protection and more.

 About Cree – thier history and future planning

Cree first brought the blue LED to market in 1989, and today Cree's XLamp® LEDs have continually exceeded the industry standards for brightness and efficiency
Recognizing the revolutionary potential of LED lighting, in 2008 Cree expanded its product lines into LED-lighting applications, such as ceiling fixtures. After pioneering developments in the LED indoor-lighting market, Cree expanded into outdoor lighting, in 2011, with the acquisition of Ruud Lighting, a leader in outdoor LED lighting.

Today industry leading interior and exterior LED products from Cree's Lighting group are available internationally through their agents and distributor network.
Cree have helped revolutionise the lighting industry with high quality, energy efficient LED lighting. From retail to hospitality, commercial to industrial from interior to exterior, Cree LED lighting is saving energy and creating beautifully lit spaces around the world.

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