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Warehouse & Industrial LED lighting

Industrial facility lighting requires an especially "intelligent" distribution of light, appropriate for use in a wide variety of spaces, from offices and living quarters to industrial and healthcare facilities. Cree offers a complete lighting system that not only features uncompromising performance, style and affordability, but also provides significant energy savings and long life expectancies that eliminate the need for yearly maintenance.

Cree Case studies

Click on the below images for recent Cree case studies for Industrial and Commercial Storage facility lighting applications


Corrboard Factory, Scunthorpe, UK


Innovative Cold Storage Enterprises, USA


Penn State Creamery - Cold Store lighting, USA

Products used for this application

BetaLED-304 mount0 WEB LEDWAY Road post top Cree LEDWAY Multi CPY250 HO high bay

304 Series

Ledway Road

Ledway Multi
Ceiling / Wall mount

CPY250 Series

Edge HO
(High Output)


The softer benefits from a Cree LED installation

Light that reaches every space perfectly, eliminating shadows and unevenly lit areas, gives people, workers in particular, a sense of safety, making it easier to work through the night as well. This kind of light must be clear, pleasant, akin to faint daylight and also (and most importantly) flexible, able to adapt perfectly to the diverse lighting needs throughout the plant, from the warehouse and goods loading/unloading area to the factory floor where production takes place.

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