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Cree Indoor product range

Cree Indoor luminaires provide improved illumination performance, consume less energy and require less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. Guaranteed by the Cree "total systems approach" and our market leading 10 Year limited warranty.

CR100-680L  CR100-DR630L CR150 LRP38-230V

Cree CR100-680L

MR16 replacement with driver, high bright output, long life, with over 90+ CRI, over 50,000 hours

Cree CR100-DR630L

MR16 replacement, deep recess for reduced glare from the fixture, with integral driver for easy installation

Cree CR150

150mm diameter, various trim colours, high bright 1000 lumens, perfect for any application

Cree LRP38-230V

PAR38 replacement fixture, designed for high preformance, high CRI and longevity

CR22 CR24 CR14 Cree LR22 thumb

Cree CR22

LED Troffer, 600mm x 600mm direct replacement for T8 and T5 office retrofit or new builds

Cree CR24

LED Troffer, 600mm x 1200mm direct replacement for office and retail interior applications 

Cree CR14

LED Troffer, 300mm x 1200mm for retial, commercial & industrial applications to suit your needs

Cree LR22

The LR22 LED troffer blends seamlessly into any ceiling and offers soft, smooth light.

CR80 650L 280
 LR150-2000L LR200 Cree FP22 LTSS

Cree CR80-650L

MR16 replacement with driver, swivel bezel, high bright output, long life, TrueWhite® technology

Cree LR150-2000L

CFL replacement, 150mm diameter, 2000 lumens, 90+ CRI over 64 lumens per watt

Cree LR200-2000L

CFL replacement 200mm diameter, providing 2000L, 3000K or 4000K available to suit your requirements

Cree FP22

Cree LED flat panel Troffer range, low profile, high lumen output luminaire for a range of indoor applications.


    LR6-LP1000L-230V CRLE med WS thumb 

Cree LR4-230V

CFL replacement, 140 - 160mm diameter 540 lumens of exceptional 90+ CRI warm or neutrel light

Cree LR6-LP-1000L

CFL replacement, 165mm diameter, 1000 lumens, 90+ CRI over 80 lumens per watt

Cree LE14 - LE12

The LE14 and LE12 light engines deliver up to 5000 lumens at 90-110 lumens per watt

 Cree WS Series

The versatile Cree WS Series wet location linear luminaire is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.






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