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LTSS Limited are pleased to introduce our Lighting Specifications Department



Lighting application design

The team of specialist designers offer an additional service to our customers in all aspects of lighting application design for the building industry covering a wide range of lighting applications. We also offer free on site lighting surveys when required to discuss your unique requirements and how we can provide the best value solution for you.

We have experience in a wide range of design solutions for many applications, including street lighting, general outdoor and area lighting, industrial factory and warehouse lighting through to office and commercial lighting.

Using the latest lighting design software; Lighting Reality, Dialux and Relux we will deliver a clear visualisation of your lighting scheme ahead of final sign off and installation, providing accurate lux levels, optical light distribution, colour temperature, uiformity and glare calculations for you.

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The Design Process

We appreciate that the size of a project can vary from large new developments to refurbishments and LED upgrades of existing sites. We accept projects in all forms and sizes from telephone conversations and emailed sketches to hard copies of drawings in AutoCAD DXF and DWG as well as PDF and Autoviewer formats.

When we have agreed your lighting requirements you will receive a well presented lighting design demonstrating the lighting distribution, lux level and energy consumption of the new LED lighting system. The design can be presented to key decision makers within your organisation to clearly show the benefits, energy savings and overall delivered Cree lighting solution.

Our lighting schemes show the luminaire positions on the drawings to assist with the on site installation process.

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Lighting controls & ROI calculations

We work closely with Lutron and where possible include lighting controls to generate further energy and carbon reduction savings for our customers. The inclusion of smart lighting controls can add between 25 – 40% further energy savings on an LED lighting system that provides control and flexibility through the life of the installation.

We will work with you to produce the most acurate return on investment model based on your actual costs and lighting use through the life of your installation.

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Emergency lighting

We reccomend specifying a stand-alone emergency lighting system. This allows you to have a separate system that can self-test and be monitored and managed without impacting on the main lighting system.

This also removes potential complications through compatibility issues or potential installation and wiring costs that could add to the overall cost of the lighting system. We work closely with a range of emergency lighting providers who provide robust and reliable lighting solutions.

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