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A sustainable environment can be considerably improved by selecting or switching to energy efficient, smart lighting.

LED Technology

The challenges faced can be substantially alleviated with an understanding of the efficiency of modern lighting solutions, allowing you to make a significant difference. Technologies such as LED capitalise on efficiency, reducing energy requirements for lighting by more than 60%.

 Case studies

You can quickly see how effective LED lighting systems can provide improved lighting in many environments. Take a look at some of our installations in case studies. Traditional lighting systems have been replaced with energy efficient LED lighting systems or specified in new builds, with exceptional value making results.

 What we can do for you

LTSS Limited focuses on enabling our clients to build or upgrade to LED lighting so that they are able to benefit quickly and easily from the major energy and maintenance savings whilst significantly improving the building's environment at the same time. Light saturation allows focussing of light where it is most needed while reducing light pollution by directing and distributing the light most effectively.

LTSS Limited is the sole UK/Eire Authorised Agent for Cree Lighting, providing full sales and technical support in the UK.

Value and payback

 We work with our customers to provide them with LED lighting solutions; maximising value whilst minimising the cost of LED adoption. We deliver impressive payback times and an industry leading 10-year warranty on most products. Savings are also made using smart sensors, to reduce light in times when it is not needed while providing uniform, clear light wherever and whenever necessary.


“Sustainable lighting is crucial for the development of a cleaner, more efficient environment"

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Cree has more than 25 years of pioneering innovations in LED with no distractions from other technologies

Cree products are sold in more than 80 Countries around the world

More than 10 million Cree LED luminaires have been sold worldwide

Indoor and Outdoor luminaires have surpassed 60 billion burn hours

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